Saturday, 14 June 2014

Back again

Somehow, and I really do not know how, the old 604 and all that blog disappeared. Occasionally over the last few months I have tried to find it, but to no avail. So I am starting again.

The spur to make me do this is that our Heritage Lottery Fund project Hidden Treasures, Fresh Expressions is about to start is capital build phase .... I am very excited and not a little daunted by this. 9 months of major construction work in a medieval cathedral is no small matter.

Its taken us a while to get to this point. We had hoped to start work last October but a series of delays and then the project coming in 30% over budget have held us back. I will tell some of these stories as we go along.

Now, however, we are very nearly ready to roll!

Work will start on 28th July and I aim to record progress here through photos and conversations with some of the key players, builders, project director, vergers and visitors. I hope to create an on-line account of progress day by day and week by week until we finally return the Textus Roffensis to its rightful home.

If you don't yet know about the Textus, you will by the time I have finished!

So please bookmark this page, tell your fiends about it and let me know what you think by posting comments. If anyone fancies guest writting their experiences, just get in touch!

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  1. Really glad it's finally all kicking off! So long to get even to this point - and really excited to hear about it all unfolding!