Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 14 - Blocking Off and Breaking Through!

Another new blogger today. I am Marilyn and I have been asked to do the blog for today and tomorrow- so watch this space!
Things are gradually moving on and as you see the hoarding is now up in a number of areas – just wondering if anyone is going to make it all look pretty!
Hoarding by the South door

Hoarding in the Quire
Now the crypt has been cleared the serious work begins.  As you can see the builders are now beginning to put all their might into breaking through the wall in our vestry  in the crypt into what is known as the ‘pigeon parlour.’ They will have to watch out as they may have more than falling rubble to deal with!

They are also dismantling our kitchen in the vestry area which is in badly need of renovation. There will be a new servery area so refreshments can readily be served.
Breaking through the wall

Vestry being taken apart
 As you can see this is a very dismal and very underused space.  This area will be completely transformed into a large open space but with the ability to subdivide the space so that it can accommodate two groups at a time and be used for a variety of activities, including educational and musical

Corridor to Lay Clerks room

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