Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 15 - Who's Who!

Hi everyone. It is Marilyn blogging again.
Today is another challenging day. Work is progressing but there is not too much in the way of any different photos today so I thought that I would let you have a look at some more staff involved in the project.

Here is Dave Nash who is the Site Manager for Buxton’s, making sure that everything goes to plan and he is someone we can go to when anything needs sorting out.  Just caught him in a ‘hole in the wall’ but he couldn’t get any cash out!
Dave Nash - Site Manager
Here is Sue Malthouse who is our Estates’ Administrator. She has a very tough role trying to keep all our properties in tip top shape and making sure no one tramples our gardens. Here she can be seen supervising the extraction of one of the chillers from our Tea Room Kitchen to make sure that they keep to the path.

Sue supervising
Keep reading our blog as it will get interesting very soon – I promise.

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