Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Disabled Access throughout - Day 21

Access for those with disabilities is one of the key drivers for our building works.Until now, those using wheelchairs have not been able to get into the crypt and access to the Quire has been via a decidedly wonky chair lift up the Kent Steps.

Here Paul, one of the workmen is starting the process of dismantling
the old lift ready for the major work to install the new one.

And here is the architects sketch of what the area will look like when finished.

This was one of the most controversial parts of the design process with lots of discussion about the best way to acheive our goal of access throughout the building. But we got there in the end!

Remember the holes being cut through the infill down in the crypt? Well if you look very carefully you will see the remains of medieval wall painting that has been uncovered. 

The whole crypt would have been decorated but only very small patches remain and they are not in good condition. Part of our Hidden Treasures, Fresh Expressions project is to conserve them. I will show you the work that has been done already in a latter post. 

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