Friday, 1 August 2014

Getting ourselves ready - Day 5

There is so much stuff .... and all of it needs to be moved!

The Library was emptied of book ages ago, when we thought that the work would start in the early part of the year.University of Kent.
They are all stored safely in the Archive at Maidstone and very soon will begin the process of cataloging at the

However, you would not believe how much other stuff there was in there....all of this came out and has to be found a temporary home. Goodness knows where, but thankfully that is the Vergers department!

Then there is all the stuff that used to live in various bits of the Crypt. All that has to be disposed of or found a storage space.

Fortunately there is a big container in the back yard of the Deanery garden, lots of the stuff will go there.

Have you spotted the technical term I have been using? STUFF .... ecclesiastical clobber... not sure what else to call it really but it all has been found a home. Some of it is for sale, so if you spot an item that you fancy, let me know!

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