Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 24 - A view from the Friends

At the invitation of the Dean, the Friends of Rochester Cathedral are happy to help to record some of the works being undertaken, especially the part earmarked as funded by the Friends. This whole exercise was, I believe, kicked off when the Friends agreed to help in financing the replacing and updating of the disability access from the south quire transept down to nave level and further down to the crypt.
The Beached Whale!
Work is going on behind the screen closing off the crypt, Kent steps and south door. A quick look behind the screen, with the contractor’s site manager, revealed some neat and tidy demolition work of the old chair lift. Now it is officially not working.

Earlier blogs show work being done on the old chair lift and the balustrade, today it remains in the course of deconstruction, the lift a little like a beached whale

Spot the cobweb!
North entrance to the crypt
Kent Steps and South Door
While waiting to be invited into the work area, I took a couple of quick snapshots through the north entrance to the crypt. On the far side was a pile of stones on the window ledge. The workmen are being so careful, not even the cobweb under the window has been disturbed!

The Friends are delighted to be involved in these major works and hope to be able to produce further updates as work progresses.

Terry Wood, Chairman, Friends of Rochester Cathedral

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