Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 23 - and more dismantling

David dismantling the old shelving
Today's builder is called David, originally from Lithuania but living in Kent for 10 years. His job today was to dismantle the old shelving in the Library.

As well as getting a much needed new roof, the Library is being extended and refitted so that the collection is more accessible to scholars and to visitors. The new shelving will be set at an angle and a new glass screen is to be installed so that even when it is closed people will still be able to
see in.

Library - in disarray!
We have a bit of a problem because we also use the room as a vestry at the weekend and for big services. This poses quite a problem to conservators but we really do not have any choice as there is no other available space. The
Cathedral is big but not big enough!

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