Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 10 Closure of the South Door

Preparations for closing access  

Builders at work 
We are now approaching the end  the 2nd working week. The preliminary  work needed prior to the start of the main works is coming along nicely.  Today we saw the closure of access through our South Door entrance of the Cathedral to all members of the public. There is  also no disabled access to our Quire. This access will remain closed whilst the work to the crypt and library is being undertaken. This is another big step in our project and we look forward to the time when we can see the new lift that will be installed, allowing access to all levels of the cathedral.

Colin -swiftly moving on!

Colin, our Head Verger is taking it all in his stride.  He is making sure that the Cathedral runs smoothly and that he maintains contact with the builders on a day to day basis. As you can see he is getting really adept at moving swiftly on should an extra pair of hands be called upon!

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