Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 22- An Outsider Enters In!

Hole to determine the foundation of the pillars
It was a great pleasure and privilege to be invited in as a guest blogger.  Not being too well acquainted with Crypts and having only visited the Crypt at Rochester Cathedral on a few occasions for tourist purposes and the occasional youth event in years gone by, I did not know what to expect.
My overriding impression is one of “outsiders are to be welcomed in”.  Whether it was Marilyn on behalf of the Cathedral, or Jason on behalf of the building contractors, the vision was to open all this up to people.  Their enthusiasm was infectious.  I’m beginning to catch it!
Doorway being opened up
Of course it is a lengthy and no doubt costly enterprise, and the challenges are huge. Floors are being leveled, the lift being removed and replaced, narrow doorways opened up, kitchen area removed for expansion, ceiling taken down to accommodate the renovated library, and vestry/cloakroom (depending on who you are talking to!) being turned into a new Education Activity Area.
Staircase today
Ceiling will have to be removed to accommodate an education space
Forgive me if I am a bit blurred on some of the details – they have been and will be covered.  But my overriding sense is this that is all about changing what was relatively inaccessible and unknown to so many of the general public, to being a place that clearly caters for all, welcomes all and invites all outsiders to enter in.  Many “hidden treasures” will find “fresh expression”.

Rev Peter Marchand
Chairman, Churches Together in Medway


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