Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 12 - The Continuing Story!

The Loos!
I am a guest blogger today, so have started with a bog for the blog.  Cries of alarm were heard earlier in the project when the contractor's loos were sited within sight of the Tea Rooms.  We all felt that this was a rather too obvious demonstration of cause and effect.  Now they are clothed in a seemly screen and I am assured that this will look even more beautiful in days to come.

The Project Team in deep discussion

Running a project like this can't all be done by Edwina (Project Director) and a sharpened pencil. Here is the project team hard at work in our Council Room, deciding on 'What Happens Next'.  They all said that they try to look intelligent, so you can make up your own minds about their level of success.   Banquo's Ghost in the corner is apparently a very lovely cope.  I keep meaning to check this out but have always been scared to in case it actually is a skeleton.......

Gilly Wilford - Chapter Clerk- Executive Director

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