Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 13 Roofs and Roof lights

Hello,Gilly blogging again.

The library roof is the roof star of the show in our HTFE project, but there are lots more roofs to think about.  I am busy contemplating the state of the roof light to Gundulph's tower, while others take essential measurements and photographs.  I think I had earned my few moments of contemplation as we reached the various parts of the roof using extraordinary stairways and doorways (only one head bump) and climbing a perpendicular ladder plus a scary little walkway.
Gilly in contemplation mode - don't do it!

Meanwhile, back at the main project, Matt Newton and Alison Webster, Planning Supremos from
Medway Council, assess the impact of the proposals in one corner of the Garth garden.  Lovely to see people looking so happy in their work!

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