Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 9 Keeping the Organist Happy.

Nave Organists Telly
As Work Progresses we will be using a state of the Art Electric Organ in the Nave for Services, in order to preserve the Cathedral organ from sucking in Builders dust and the Like.

Darren Bramley, who is always up for a challenge, spent the day deep inside the Organ running cables so that the Organist will still be able to see various parts of the Cathedral using miniature CCTV cameras pointing at the Nave and Choir during services. This allows the Organist to maintain Eye Contact with the Clergy and the Choir Master for cues during the service.
It’s a bit of a squeeze and it was very hot , but now the Organist will have a grandstand view, albeit from the Cathedral Floor. 
In the Organ

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